Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

This picture is from my favorite place to read about my chicken's crazy behaviors on the web: There are some eccentric chicken owners out there.

I have so much to update w/ my blog! School/life has been hectic but good.....the chickens are huge......I'm getting 5-6 eggs a day now.

However, I have quite a few escapees who have been flying over the fence regularly. Yesterday I was at school and one of our neighbors across the street came over, knocked on the door and said, "Um......there's a chicken in my tree.......?"
Embarassing. I must appease her with eggs.

This weekend I think that I am clipping their wings. From what I've read it doesn't hurt them, it's similar to clipping toenails. But, I'm scared! I'll be sure to update after the wing clipping experience. It's sure to be exciting.