Thursday, September 20, 2007

Moving Adventure...... with Marsupial


I moved the rest of my ish from Austin to Ruston last weekend.

It was super fun (really!). I got to spend lots of time with my yoga teacher who drove with me and we had a number of exciting adventures. The most exciting of which is this:
I brought about ten boxes that were left over from my last moving adventure from Ruston to Austin in which to pack my kitchen stuff etc. As I was about to leave Saturday my mom said, "Don't forget to get the boxes that I've been saving from you in the storage shed!". There were two boxes out there full of bubblewrap that I grabbed at the last minute. Julie and I loaded all of the boxes into her Expedition and drove west to Austin.

We drove. We chatted. We stopped at Dairy Queen. Six hours later we got to Austin. We went to Korea House (my favorite Austin restaurant). We went to the new Whole Foods and wandered, drank coffee, picked out truffles, and bought wine for an hour. We went to Nate's house. We drank a bottle of wine.

Suddenly, we were inspired. Instead of waiting till the next morning to go rent a Uhaul trailer in which to transport all of my junk, I decided that I wanted to let most of that stuff go. We figured that we could fit everything in the back of Julie's Expedition. And we wanted to do it NOW.

Energized by the wine, (how did that happen?) we immediately started packing up my fiesta ware and other assorted kitchen treasures. We had loaded all of the empty boxes out of the truck into the kitchen. About five boxes into packing I grabbed one of the boxes my mom had saved for me in the storage shed. It had lots of bubble wrap on top.

Exact quote:
M-in a low, serious, calm voice:
"Julie, there's a possum in the box."
J-not believing:
M- same calm voice:
"There's a possum in the box."

There was a live possum in the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had transported wildlife across statelines. What if it had gotten out in the car!?!?
So, I calmly carried the box outside to the porch. We opened it and looked at the possum and finally shrieked like schoolgirls and ran back inside and slammed the door. Then we came to our senses and went back out and tipped the box over so that the possum would fall out onto the ground. He literally "played possum". He laid there motionless for about 30 seconds. We wondered if he was dead. Then he gave us sweet possum stare and ran off into the dark.

I really hope that possum found a new possum family in Texas. I must say that I am relieved that he is no longer in my backyard as a potential chicken predator. We packed up and left that night. We spent the night at a hotel in Georgetown and ate breakfast the next day at the Monument Cafe. It was fabulous and it featured white gravy.


Friday, September 14, 2007


Sorry it's been so long. sigh.
Here's an egg pic. The eggs on the right are products of my ladies...the eggs on the left are store bought. The ladies' eggs have gotten bigger though. They were tiny at first.
I got my first blue/green egg last week. I will be sure to post pics once I take them. They are so beautiful!

Going to Austin this weekend to move the rest of my furniture/etc. I've missed my fiestaware dearly. My yoga teacher (Julie) is driving with me. So, it should be a fun road trip even though we will be in Austin less than 24 hours.

Went to church last weekend with my parents. It was the "contemporary" service which means that it involved microphones, giant screens, video clips, and a drummer. It made me want to pluck my eyelashes out one by one. The back of a teeshirt I spotted in the first row: "Gunfire: the sound of freedom". Seriously.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

eat pray love

This is a fantastic book that I highly recommend to all. I just finished the "eat" portion......excited to get the the "pray"'s about yoga.....and I can't wait for the "love" part. I'm looking for all of the insight I can get in that area. sigh.

I've been meaning to read this book for about a year now. It's funny how things come into your life exactly when you need them.......not a minute before. I was meant to read this book now.

I've started a book club among my yoga friends/their friends. We are meeting for the first time in mid-September. This is the first book. I've never been to a book club meeting so it's kinda intimidating to be the organizer of one. If anyone out there is actually reading this and has book club experience let me know. I figure, as long as we have good food and the wine is flowing freely, the book discussion should flow freely as well.

Happy Labor Day everyone!