Friday, September 14, 2007


Sorry it's been so long. sigh.
Here's an egg pic. The eggs on the right are products of my ladies...the eggs on the left are store bought. The ladies' eggs have gotten bigger though. They were tiny at first.
I got my first blue/green egg last week. I will be sure to post pics once I take them. They are so beautiful!

Going to Austin this weekend to move the rest of my furniture/etc. I've missed my fiestaware dearly. My yoga teacher (Julie) is driving with me. So, it should be a fun road trip even though we will be in Austin less than 24 hours.

Went to church last weekend with my parents. It was the "contemporary" service which means that it involved microphones, giant screens, video clips, and a drummer. It made me want to pluck my eyelashes out one by one. The back of a teeshirt I spotted in the first row: "Gunfire: the sound of freedom". Seriously.

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jenni said...

That last line cracks me up! We see a lot of that here in nashville and I always wonder to myself if it is sarcastic. Then you look at the mustache and know that it's not. yikes...