Monday, April 16, 2007

miniature COWS

Here is my latest temptation: Miniature Cows.

According to Miniature here are reasons for having them:

Why miniature cattle?
There are several reasons let's start with an obvious one.Farm Size: It has become fashionable, popular, or what ever your reason, to move to suburbia, buy some acreage, and revisit the roots from which most of us came. For others, too try and introduce our children to values lost in the modern day hustle and bustle. "Fresh air, (not) Time Square, is the life for me." We love those Greenacres of fresh spring grass. Many small farms are 5 to 20 acres and are looking to be as self reliant as possible. Yet most owners have employment outside the farm and need their small farm to be as efficient as possible. They just do not have the time for full scale farming or ranching.
Aren't they cute!?!?!?

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