Friday, June 6, 2008

Blueberry Picking!

This morning my mom and I left at 7am to go pick blueberries at Pop's Blueberry farm in Dubach, La. It was early and fun.

Rules posted at the Pop's Blueberry Farm awning where you gear up to pick:

1. No throwing blueberries!

2. No Running between the blueberry rows

I can't remember the rest....Aren't they gorgeous? I don't think I had ever seen blueberries on the bush before....
Kathy hauling in her loot.....
I ate approximately 2,332 berries while picking. Definitely got my daily allowance of antioxidants today.
We picked 4 gallons of berries. That's alot of berries....planning to share them, maybe make some jam, bakes some delicious goodies, and freeze the rest.

I love summer.


Mario Rodríguez. said...
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Mario Rodríguez. said...

Those are some great looking berries, I would love to make some wine out of them, you're so lucky!