Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today is the Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the day that I get the chicks!!!
Here's my shopping list for O'Neals (the fabulous feedstore here)
1. 7 chicks
2. chick feed
3. waterer
4. feeder
5. pine shavings
6. clip on lamp? (we may already have one of these...I have to check)

I decided to name the chickens after former first ladies. I haven't decided on exact names....I want to see what their personalities are first....
Here are ideas:
1. Lady Bird (my fav)
2. Jackie
3. Eleanor
4. Barbara
5. Hillary
6. Laura
7. Betty
8. Dolly
10. Abagail
11. Rosalynn
12. Nancy
13. Mamie (love that name)
14. Grace Anna (Coolidge)
15. Edith (Wilson)
16. Florence (Harding)

Which are your favorite chicken names?


mr.kureiton said...

God Bless America!
Top Faves:

* Grace Anna
* Lady Bird
* Mamie
* Eleanor
* Edith

Also for your consideration:
*Hannah (mrs. martin van buren)
*Eliza (mrs. andrew johnson)
*Lou (mrs. herbert hoover)

Maryanne said...

Oh my gosh.....I love Eliza and Hannah but Lucy might get confused by Lu....not that they will EVER be allowed in the same area