Sunday, May 27, 2007

Chicken News

left to right: Jackie Kennedy, Lady Bird Johnson, Nancy Reagan, Mamie Eisenhower
The big chickens are happy and healthy. They love to roam around in their run all day and eat delicious bugs and plants.

left: Julia Grant (/Sugarbaker) right: Lucretia Garfield
The little chicks (there are only 2 left !!!!Hillary and Edith both met mysterious ends....they completely disappeared w/ no signs of a struggle. Here are my two ideas for what happened: 1. alien abduction 2. the rapture) are getting bigger every day. They are starting to get their feathers and lose their baby fuzz. Sad.
Here's a charming shot of Mamie Eisenhower's butt. Cute!
I never knew that chickens liked to take sunbaths just like cats. They do. Here's a cute pic of Mamie and Jackie enjoying the summertime.

Sorry the blog has been sporadic as of late.........I promise to be better. I've been feeling a bit blah but things are looking a bit rosier.


Mr.Kureiton said...

when do they make eggs?!How much longer?

Maxima said...

Well said.