Monday, May 7, 2007

Round Two!!!!!!!

So, I went to Hot Springs, AR last weekend with Katherine Altobello and had a fabulous, fabulous time.

I left my chickens in the trusted care of my parents. I let them out of the coop Sat. morning and confirmed w/ my Pops that he would let them back in at dusk so that the chickens would be safe.

Well, he didn't.

Eleanor Roosevelt is dead. It was much more gruesome than the first chicken death. Literally half of her body was missing. And she was getting pretty big. Sad. and gross.

So, four chickens just aren't enough.


this is a rhode island red. (replacing dolly madison who Lucy murdered.....okay, dolly will never be replaced but....)
Name idea: Pat (Nixon)? Florence (Harding)?

Here is a little blonde buff orphington.
Name idea: Hillary

here is a little black star australorp chick.
Name idea: Barbara? (bush...I hiss) Eliza (Johnson)?

Somehow I deleted the fourth one's pic but she is black and white and I'm thinking of naming her Mary Todd. or Edith(Wilson) or Hannah (Van Buren)

Please leave name feedback.


r said...

sad face!
i don't like barbara. how about Lucretia as in James Abram Garfield's wife Lucretia Rudolph

Mr.Kureiton said...

J'adore Edith!

also Julia (Grant) because it's like Julia Sugarbaker. Real classsy.

Do you have Mamie?

Mr.Kureiton said...

In the picture with Kat Altobello it looks like she has a sleeve tattoo. I thought, that's kinda weird -- she got her arm/shoulder completely covered with a tat! Hmmm...

jenni hopkins said...

I second the Julia (more so as in Sugarbaker, the first lady of decorating). I am so sorry for your losses as well. Maybe you should have a two week or so trial period before naming so it isn't as sad. Or name them all Barbara Bush for the first two weeks and let nature speak for itself, then name them for someone fabulous. just thinkin' out loud.

Just Fran said...

I demand a recount. Eleanor II!!