Friday, August 24, 2007

egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg eecummings

Yesterday was the day! Yay hooray!
I am so proud of Jackie Kennedy Onassis.
Now of course, I can't be 100% sure that it was her but, she is the only hen displaying classic egg laying behavior: her comb and wattle are bright red and fully grown, + whenever you walk up to her to pick her up she kind of squats down (I think she is hoping for a rooster......poor thing...destined to a life of celibacy.....kind of like a nun...doesn't sound too bad actually....that's weird never mind).
Don't you love her in the above pic? She is just a-squawking at the camera. And she is so nice and fluffy now!

Above: The fruit of Jackie's labor.Is it not gorgeous??

I am so proud of my ladies! I'm sure we will be getting blue and green eggs soon as well.

For ye without all of the chicken knowledge I have gleaned from

You have to teach chickens to lay in their egg boxes. Most farmers/etc do this with ceramic fake eggs that you can buy from hatchery catalogs, feed stores etc. Well, wouldn't you know it that Kathy (my mom) didn't have ceramic eggs in her easter decoration collection but MARBLE eggs. Yes, marble eggs. Why? who knows. Too bad she didn't have a faberge egg I could have used.....nothing but the finest for my first ladies!!

Anyway, so....about week ago I put the marble eggs in the hen's egg boxes. Apparently this encourages them to get into the egg boxes and scratch around.....make themselves at home and figure out that it is a purrrrrrrfect spot to lay eggs.

One of the marble eggs is dark green so it is really easy to see in the egg box. Yesterday after work I was refilling their waterer and I noticed that the green egg was missing! I crouched down and moved the hay around and found that the green egg was hidden under lots of hay and a beautiful pinkish-brown egg was in it's place!!!!!!!!!!
Raising chickens is so rewarding.


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome mern. You should bring all of your Hens when you come to visit me in Austin.

Cat said...

Mernina, you are the cutest darn chicken lady I ever saw. Congrats on l'oeuf! Are ya gonna eat it?