Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am so excited b/c I'm going to this yoga workshop this weekend!
Very spur of the moment, I've been looking into going to a yoga workshop at the kripalu institute with my yoga teacher in November. Check out It sounds so wonderful.
The workshop at kripalu is an anusara yoga workshop. I used to go to an anusara teacher in Austin. Liz B at Yoga Yoga. Her classes were so hard! I really don't think I was ready for them at the time. Physically or emotionally. I love that style of yoga so much and I would really like to get more into it.......So, I was researching anusara a little bit on the web yesterday and I found this workshop in Jackson, MS which is only 2 hours away. Well, it was meant to be b/c not only was there space left in the workshop because the studio decided to move it to a larger space but, the owner of the yoga studio offered to let me stay at her house!
I can't wait.....I'm sure it's going to be a weekend of opening and growth.
Also, Julie (my yoga teacher) said that I could teach some anusara asanas to her classes in the future if I was interested. I would really like to teach yoga one day and this would be a great beginning............
Namaste y'all.

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